Pick Up

Your adventure begins

Your paragliding in Tenerife adventure begins here. Your truly amazing experience with us at Airsports starts from the moment you climb on board our Mercedes Vito that will transport you safely up to take off. You will feel excitement and anxiety build up in you as the jeep winds it ́s way higher and higher up the mountainside revealing breathtaking views. Bottled water is available to quench your thirst.

You will be able to chat with our pilots and get answers to any of your thoughts or questions. Our pilots will also point out and explain any interesting observations concerning weather and flying conditions giving you a glimpse into the invisible world of free flight. A free flight pilot can after many years of experience read the invisible air flows in the same way as a surfer reads his wave or a skier his mountain.

Take Off

You will now be briefed regarding take off, flight and landing procedures

Upon arrival at the take-off, you will now be equipped with your harness, helmet and a go pro camera that will film the flight, (jackets will be supplied on cooler days). You will now be briefed regarding take-off, flight and landing procedures.

The paraglider is now laid out and you are connected to the glider and your pilot. Your pilot will now inflate the glider, after a few quick steps you will feel yourself magically float away from the hillside, this feeling alone will stick with you for the rest of your life.

In the Air

Your pilot will now keep a running commentary pointing out things of interest

Once airborne your pilot will help you get comfortable in your harness, you will be surprised just by the comfort and this helps you to feel secure. Your pilot will then do his best to find and utilise any thermal updrafts that are present and possibly take you high up above take off and at the same time prolonging your flight. Your pilot will keep a running commentary pointing out things of interest and also explaining how the glider is flown.

Depending upon the weather conditions you will at some stage during the flight have the opportunity (if you so wish) to take over the controls for a little while under close guidance of your pilot. Most of the flight is experienced as an almost surreal serene experience gliding silently over majestic landscapes but if you wish to spice things up a bit just ask you pilot and he ́ll throw in some wild n crazy, white knuckle, high G force aerobatic manoeuvres. This is your paragliding in Tenerife experience and we're here to help you make the very best of it.


This is the unavoidable moment when a huge silly grin appears on your face

Eventually, you will glide towards the landing area (if conditions allow on the soft sands of Playa la Enramada beach to sound of breaking Atlantic waves) touching down softly with your landing gear down (i.e your legs). This is the unavoidable moment when a huge silly grin appears on your face and it ́s just impossible to look angry. You will feel a euphoria that will be with you for days. This is exactly the reason we ourselves fly.

Our biggest wish is that your experience with us gives you the inspiration to become a paraglider pilot yourself back in your homeland and be a privileged member of the paragliding family and one who masters the fine art of looking down on people.

The Playa la Enramada beach near La Caleta is our favoured landing spot purely because of the unbeatable feeling of landing on soft sand to the sound of crashing Atlantic waves. There´s also a great beach bar there for that after flight drink. Please note that depending on weather conditions we cannot guarantee a beach landing.

Relive your flight

Your paragliding in Tenerife flight has been photographed and filmed in HD quality

You now have the possibility of purchasing this fantastic material either by transfer into your mobile device, the memory card itself from the Gopro camera or for a slightly higher price buy an edited video. You will now be able to relive you flight over and over again with friends and family, not to mention a Instagram or Facebook post that will definitely make your friends envious.



Who can fly?

4 - 94 years of age

We cater to everybody! The youngest and oldest passengers we can accomodate simply need to be able to acknowledge and understand what is involved with the flight.

maximum weight 120kg (18 stone)

We kindly ask if you can please inform us of weights above 100kg upon booking so that we can ensure you are matched with the correct pilot and equipment.

no experience

or skills necessary! Our experienced pilots have been paragliding in Tenerife for many years, allow us to do all the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.


that is physically able to jog a few steps can enjoy paragliding in tenerife with us.

We love the challenge

of flying with people with certain disabilities but please contact us personally beforehand so that we can ensure the best possible flying experience.

we do not fly

with pregnant women or people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is both for your safety and for that of our pilots. If you are expecting we encourage you keep us in mind for the future as paragliding in Tenerife is a truly life enhancing experience.




  • Free pick up at hotel
  • 800m (2650ft) take off
  • 15-25 min. flight above Costa Adeje
  • free bottled water
  • full insurance
  • Drop off at hotel.
  • 1.5-2 hours total time



  • Free pick up at hotel
  • 30-40 min. flight above Costa Adeje and/or 1000m (3300ft) take off
  • free bottled water
  • full insurance
  • Drop off at hotel
  • 1.5-2 hours total time



  • Free pick up at hotel
  • 30-40 min. flight above Costa Adeje and/or 1000m (3300ft) take off
  • free bottled water
  • HD video and photos
  • Airsports t-shirt
  • A bottle of Cava
  • full insurance
  • Drop off at hotel.
  • 1.5-2 hours total time



  • Free pick up at hotel
  • 800/1000m (2650/3300ft) take off
  • High G force aerobatic manoeuvres
  • 15-25 min. flight above Costa Adeje
  • A can of Red Bull (to bring you back to normality)
  • free bottled water
  • Full insurance
  • Drop off at hotel.
  • 1.5 – 2 hours total time

“El Teide”


  • Free pick up at hotel
  • 2300m (7,600ft)) take off near the base of Teide
  • Appox. 40 min. flight time above the Valley of Orotava or Guimar
  • landing at Puerto De la Cruz or Puertito De Guimar
  • Full insurance
  • free bottled water
  • Drop off at hotel
  • 4 hours total time


What does it cost

A tandem paragliding flight costs from 90€ for our “Bronze” flight. This price includes free hotel pick-up, full insurance and all necessary equipment. We offer discounts for group bookings. Please contact us for further details and prices.

How long is the flight

Flight times vary depending on weather conditions. An average flight takes about 20-25 minutes. Allow about two hours for the whole experience.

What do I need to bring?

A spirit for adventure! Apart from that you’ll need a sturdy pair of shoes (no sandals), a jumper and sunscreen. Flight suits and boots(in certain sizes) are available for loan if needed. It´s quite cool higher up where we take off and fly (800m and above).

Who can fly?

Almost everyone from 4 to 94 years old!! No prior experience is necessary. As long as you weigh under 110kg(17.5 stone) and can jog just a few steps on take off and landing, you’re fit to fly! Those under 16 years old will require written parental consent. We do not fly with pregnant women or people under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs!

Is it possible to fly at the same time as friends

No problem, we are several pilots in our team giving you the possibility to fly at the same time as your friends or family. It’s sometimes possible to fly in close formation giving amazing experiences and allowing for great film material and close up in flight photos.

Do you film the flights

Yes, we take photographs and film every flight in full HD with Gopro cameras. You can purchase the SD memory card used in the camera during your flight or for a slightly higher price we can edit an amazing film with the highlights of your flight and photographs. Perfect for sharing your experience with friends and family or maybe a stunning Facebook entry that will not fail to fill your friends with envy.

Will I have a chance to steer the glider

As long as conditions are smooth enough our pilots will be more than happy to let you take over the controls. You will now be taught some of the basic flyings skills, giving you a great feeling of control and a wonderful sensation of power. Your pilot will now take over again and if you wish throw in a few high G, white knuckle aerobatic manoeuvres. Our pilots adapt the character of every flight to suit your comfort zone in order to give you the best possible experience.

How do I get to take off?

We provide a free hotel pick up service within the Costa Adeje area to take off and will also transport you back to your hotel again from the landing zone. The meeting point for those of you that have transport is at the beach bar on La Enramada beach near La Caleta, just next to the hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace.

How do I know if the flight goes ahead?

Cancellations due to weather conditions are rare here in Tenerife, should it however be necessary we will inform you via telephone, the hotel reception or in person at the meeting point. Please note that actual pick up and flight times may vary due to the fact that we are working with the powers of nature and sometimes have to wait on take off for the best possible conditions to give the best flight experience . Please be aware that cancellations can occur with very short notice due to sudden changes in flying conditions.  Every decision our pilots make is always and only based on a safety first perspective.

What are the cancellation policies

On the very rare occasion that flights are postponed due to bad flying conditions your flight will be rescheduled free of charge. If we fail to offer a flight before your holiday ends you will of course be totally refunded. However, if you cancel your trip within 48hr of departure, there is a 20% cancellation fee applicable. Cancellations within an hour of departure require a 100% cancellation fee.

Is paragliding safe?

Safety, both yours (and our of course our own) is Airsports Tenerife´s biggest concern. We have a proven safety record thanks to our highly certified team of pilots. The fact that our pilots fly on a full time regular basis all year round means that their flying skills are always current and up to date with all modern techniques. We fly with the safest, most modern flying equipment available that is serviced and replaced at regular intervals.

I'm scared of heights, is paragliding for me?

Surprisingly, even people who feel the need to hold on tightly just a few rungs up a ladder feel comfortable once in the air ! Like looking out of the window of an aeroplane, one feels quite removed from the void below. Any feeling of dizziness or sensation of height disappears as soon as you lose contact with the ground.

When and where do we fly?

We fly up to three times a day, monday to saturday all year round. We keep our feet on the ground for certain special days of the year such as Christmas and New Years Day. We use several different take offs depending on weather conditions. The most common take off is Taucho located on the mountain range above the town of Adeje. we use several different landning sites also depending on weather conditions. Our favourite is La Caleta beach.

I want to fly! How do I book?

Either here online via the booking button above or by calling +34 645 470 000. Paragliding is a weather dependent activity so if you are visiting Tenerife, try not to book too close to your departure date to allow for date changes due to weather conditions.

Why Airsports Tenerife?

Our crew consist of an international team of highly experienced FAI certified professional tandem pilots representing amongst the best from The UK, Sweden, France and Italy. Several pilots in the team have been or still are active competition pilots and have been National champions in there own right within the sport of paragliding. You can rest assure that you are in very safe hands when you fly with us at Airsports Tenerife. We have been flying tandem since 1988! Your safety is of course our biggest concern, the fact that our pilots fly on a full time regular basis all year round means that their flying skills are always current and up to date with all modern techniques. We fly with the safest, most modern flying equipment available that is serviced and replaced at regular intervals.


Our vast knowledge as experienced free flight pilots together with twenty years of flying experience on Tenerife has given us an unbeatable understanding of the weather patterns affecting the island and therefore local flying conditions, allowing us to make the most of the weather conditions increasing both safety and flight performance. We will never attempt to fly in questionable conditions and all decisions are made from a safety first perspective.

Where do you pick up from?

Pick up and drop off between Los Cristianos and Playa San Juan is included for free with all our flights in the south of the island. Transport outside of this zone costs an extra 10€ per person.

We can even arrange pick up from Puerto de la cruz or Santa Cruz for “El Teide” flight clients.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3










Book your tandem flight now

On the rare occasion of your flight being cancelled to bad weather conditions, we will reschedule your flight at no extra charge or offer a full refund if we fail to find a time that suits you.